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5504 | Espadrilles

Original price was: $60.00.Current price is: $50.00.

Colour: blue

Cut: plimsolls

Type: espadrilles

Pattern style: basic

Gender: Unisex

Occasion: casual

Heels: flats

Country of Manufacture: Bangladesh

Material: Jute Cotton

2000 in stock


Jute shoes are a great option for summer. The company “QUADERI JUTE” offers men’s and women’s espadrilles.
Quaderi Jute is a wholesale supplier of products from leading eco-producers.

Today, jute-soled shoes are very popular. Our Spadrilles will give maximum comfort on hot summer days. The legs do not sweat in it, since natural materials are used for sewing: linen, cotton, jute, leather, suede.
In our store, jute eco-shoes are presented with models for every taste: from traditional classic fabric slippers with and without ties to closed loafers, espadrilles, and slip – with flat soles and heels.
Thanks to accepting new generation technologies, manufacturers are able to improve the quality characteristics of products. All products undergo strict control and have certificates of conformity.

Espadrilles are a type of casual, environmentally-friendly footwear typically characterized by cotton or canvas upper with a flexible rope sole that’s flat yet firm. We make the sole commonly by jute or fiber rope.

Espadrilles were originally thought of as “peasant footwear” because of their natural material and simple construction. They’re still considered a very casual style since they slip on without laces. That casual look combined with the breathability of materials makes espadrilles a popular summertime footwear choice.

Jute is Biodegradable Product

Meanwhile, using jute is a statement now to switch to green living. Ultimately, the planet is constantly under threat by various harmful elements like plastic and other inorganic components. Subsequently, Jute is the chief weapon to prevent harmful consequences. Ultimately we are bound to save our next generation. Otherwise, they will not forgive us.

Beyond Jute’s versatility, jute offers numerous environmental advantages. Besides, The plant does need not too much fertilizer or even Zero pesticide use. And, particularly in comparison to other yarn production, For this reason, Jute’s side effects are almost nil. In addition, the jute plant is renewable and the left roots and leaves fallen on the land make ultimately a good fertility of the Land.

Espadrilles are easy to produce, and the process has a lesser impact on the environment than many synthetic materials. In general, natural fibers, including jute, hemp, and flax, have a much lower carbon footprint than glass and mineral fibers. Even the expired fiber from jute can be recycled more than once, making every aspect of jute— from seed to expired fiber—sustainable.

Environmentally conscious,  fibers are 100% biodegradable, which means that any product made from jute fibers and, willfully decompose for this reason, at the end of the product life cycle.

Moreover, the plant has nutritional benefits. The jute leaves contain Vitamin C, calcium, and iron. And, they are rich in antioxidants and are also used in ayurvedic treatments.


Finally, our Eco-Friendly Espadrilles are Reusable Biodegradable, even 100% Eco Friendly. If you love your nature and help to save our beloved environment, then you will use our Eco-Friendly Jute Natural Bags again and again and again ….

Espadrilles are particularly an essential part of every exhibition, meeting, or conference, with a large area of branding these are a great product to use to show your brand, logo, or message and have great value as will be used to carry items to and from events creating more advertising for you.

The natural Jute Gift Bags are also Organic and Carbon free. If you love for the most part your nature and help to save our beloved environment, you will use our Eco-Friendly Jute Gift Bag again and again and again ….

Many of our imprint-able Eco Jute Gift Bags in a word come in many styles shapes for gusset bags Colored bags. We also stock many colored handled eco bags as well. Custom screen printing forthwith is our specialty.

In conclusion, the Eco-friendly Espadrilles are surely spacious and light.

Espadrille Styles

Today, you will find many different styles and colors of espadrilles, and nearly every style maintains the traditional jute sole construction and canvas upper.

Traditional Espadrilles

Our espadrille is the most traditional construction, features a flat bottom sole with uppers that are compos of two pieces. The first piece covers the toe and vamp of the shoe while the second wraps around the quarter, side vamp, and heel of the shoe. We stitch these two pieces together to create a cozy enclosure that snuggles the foot nicely. We do not use lacing, buckle, or straps to secure the shoe. Instead, we design to slip on and off as needed.

Espadrilles with Straps and Buckles

Some styles of espadrilles have evolved to feature straps and buckles instead of a full coverage upper. We make the straps and buckles with canvas, woven jute, or even leather. There can also be a strap across the toes or the vamp of the shoe and a strap securing the heel. Espadrilles with straps and buckles represent a further evolution away from the traditional design.

Wedge Espadrilles

The wedge heel is typically no more than an inch or two and the bottom of the wedge often has a sliver of rubber for a better grip when walking.

Some wedge espadrilles offer an open-toe design, but most wedges maintain the traditional concealed upper. Wedge espadrilles also usually have a strap of some sort for additional support. The strap will either be around the shoe’s heel to secure it to the foot, or a ribbon strap that wraps around the ankle then gets tied into place.

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