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5216 | Denim Tools Bag

Everyone knows them, everyone has them at home: old jeans that are no longer worn, but are too good to throw away. The solution: from old to new. And what better to sew from a sturdy, thick denim fabric than a practical bag to store our “daily essentials”? From tools to sewing accessories to cooking and painting utensils – there are many possible applications.


  • Made with durable material, the fabric is thick but not heavy, the waterproof Denim cloth makes it ideal for heavy use
  • It can accommodate all your needs: your tools items
  • So many pockets to keep all your items separate and keep your stuff from shifting around.
  • The separated compartment is specially designed for storing wet stuff or cosmetic brushes to avoid staining others
  • A strong hanging hook makes it able to withstand heavy products when you hang it.
  • Designed to carry tools, technical equipment and documents
  • Made from jeans for maximum strength and durability.
  • Hand knot has a knot reinforcement, can withstand a certain weight.
  • Portable kits, easy to store a variety of tools, for electricians, home use, construction workers, is a good helper
  • Light weight, durable and be able to bear a large weight.
  • Available in 5 size : 16″ / 18″ / 20″ / 22″ / 24″

Denim Tools Bag for your daily tool carries, whether that be gear for wrenching your bike or carrying a sling-pack load full of tater tots about as you do activities in your backyard with your brother.

Denim lined with heavyweight indigo-dyed flannel is perfect for toting greasy snacks around, as well as being great for more modern applications like carrying your phone, wallet, and keys. Or perhaps your face mask, gloves, and hand-sanitizer… sling packs provide endless solutions for everyday problems, and when they’re raw denim, they’re just, well, cool.

Denim fabric is predominantly made from twill fabric. These twill fabrics are durable fibrous products that are typically used under harsh physical conditions. For this reason, our customers can use suits, sportswear, raincoats, jackets, and working clothing. The reason for the high durability of twill fabric is that the few interlacing per inch in the twill structure allows for higher fabric counts or more yarn packing. This feature also results in low air permeability and high wind resistance.

Advantages of Denim Tools Bag

  • Weave pattern for durability.
  • Low maintenance care.
  • Wrinkle-resistant look.
  • Effortless styling options.
  • Perfect for all seasons.
  • Eco-friendly materials.
  • Best value for money.

Denim Tools Bag is Durable

We make this purse with sturdy and durable fabric.  The durability comes from the weave known as twill weave. The blue yarns are the lengthwise or warp threads and the white yarns run across the fabric width i.e. the weft threads.


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